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[A Collection of posters issued by the Soviet government.]

Russia [Union of Soviet Socialist Republics]

Москва : [publisher not identified], [1918-1921]

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  • Title:
    [A Collection of posters issued by the Soviet government.]
  • Author: Russia [Union of Soviet Socialist Republics]
  • Contributor: František Kupka 1871-1957.;
    Dmitriĭ Stakhievich Moor 1883-1946.;
    Boris Zvorykin 1872-1942, artist.;
    P. K Grat︠s︡ianov;
    S Mukharskiĭ;
    N Kochergin;
    Leonid Osipovich Pasternak 1862-1945, artist.;
    Demʹi︠a︡n Bednyĭ 1883-1945.;
    Mikhail Mikhaĭlovich Cheremnykh 1890- artist.
  • Subjects: Political posters, Russian; Posters -- Russian; Civil war -- Russia -- Russia; Propaganda, Russian; Soviet Union -- History -- Revolution, 1917-1921
  • Publication Details: Москва : [publisher not identified], [1918-1921]
  • Language: Russian
  • Uniform Title: Miscellaneous Official Publications
  • Description: Contents: 1. Zdanie sot︠s︡ializma (Depicts the development of the socialist movement and socialist thought from the Middle Ages up to the present day. Black and white lithograph) -- 2. Zhili sebe, pozhivali burzhui (Depicts a blindfolded worker waiting on a bourgeois and a priest; having his blindfold removed by Lenin; tearing off his chains and kicking down his oppressors; the bourgeois paying foreign troops to come to his aid; the worker joining the Red Army and defeating the foreign troops; the worker in peace time, reading and eating, surrounded by a school, a library and a soviet of people's deputies. Two coloured lithograph) -- 3. Vygnal trudi︠a︡shchiĭsi︠a︡ kapitalista -- 4. Tak bolʹshe ne budet (Depicts a wealthy capitalist, priest, general and civil servant, sitting on sacks of money and food, while downtrodden workers are starving and working, and being forced to fight against their own class brothers. Shows a worker turning against the capitalists and fighting for his own class. Two coloured lithograph) -- 5. Idi v nash stan poka ne pozdno uchisʹ rabotatʹ, zhitʹ uchisʹ! -- 6. Krichat kapitalisty (Poster depicts capitalists fighting one another to divide up the world in their own interests; failing to agree; fighting a war; Lenin telling soldiers that they are fighting their class brothers; the soldiers returning home; the capitalists appeal for foreign help; meanwhile all over the world workers rise up against the capitalists; Wilson and the allies despatch half-naked African troops to fight; Russian soldiers defeat the capitalists. Noted for including one of the earliest recognisable depictions of Lenin. Two coloured lithograph) -- 7. Chuma rogatogo skota -- 8. Kresʹ'i︠a︡ne! Esli vy ne khotite, chtoby prishli anglo-frankoamerikanskie kapitalisty i porabotili vas (Two coloured lithograph. Calls on the peasantry to enlist in the Red Army)
    Contents: 9. K stoletii︠u︡ rozhdenii︠a︡ velikogo bort︠s︡a za kommunizm. Fridrikh Engelʹs, 28 noi︠a︡bri︠a︡ 1820-1920 -- 10. T︠s︡i︠e︡na krovi (Soviet anti-war pamphlet. Cover illustration taken from a drawing by Leonid Pasternak originally used as the basis for a 1915 poster entitled Na pomoshchʹ zhertvam voĭny (Help for War Victims) -- 11. Na borʹbu za toplivo - na borʹbu za revoli︠u︡t︠s︡ii︠u︡! -- 12. Chem konchitsi︠a︡ panskai︠a︡ zatei︠a︡ (coloured lithograph. Russo-Polish war poster dating from the summer of 1920, depicting the Red Army finishing off the last few reactionaries, while workers and peasants hold up a banner reading 'Long live Soviet Poland' and welcome the Red Calvary) -- 13. Otkuda dobyvai︠u︡t elektrichestvo i kakai︠a︡ polʹza ot nego -- 14. Dekret o naturalʹnom naloge na i︠︡aĭt︠s︡a -- 15. Organizat︠s︡ii︠a︡ i︠a︡cheek Raboche-Krestʹi︠a︡nskoĭ Inspekt︠s︡ii i bi︠u︡ro Zhalob o izbakh-chitalʹniakh -- 15. Putʹ k schastʹi︠u︡ -- 15. Khozi︠a︡ĭstvennai︠a︡ rubka lesa (Depicts ripe plantation, suitable for felling; the felling of a complete area; clearing the felled area; the planting of conifers; young growth) -- 18. Seĭte luchshim zernom! -- 19. Text in Arabic script [Liberation of the women of the East] (coloured lithograph. Depicts a Muslim woman clutching a red flag. She has torn of her veil and turned her back on members of the older generation who are pointing imploringly towards a Mosque)
    Contents: 20. Another copy of N 18 -- 21. Ot mraka k svetu (coloured lithograph. Text reads: From darkness into light, From battle to books, from misery to happiness) -- 22. Nuzhen li krestʹi︠a︡ninu proshlogodniĭ sneg (Informs peasants of the agricultural benefits of allowing snow to cover their fields) -- 23. Another copy of N 10 -- 24-25. Other copies of N 23 -- 26. Zapasaĭte korma! -- 27. Organizovannyĭ v proizvodstvennye soi︠u︡zy, rabochiĭ klass pustit polnym khodom koleso narodnogo khozi︠a︡ĭstva -- 28. Napri︠a︡zhennym trudom kazhdogo na svoem trudovom postu my priblizim nastuplenie kommunizma-schastʹi︠a︡ trudi︠a︡shchikhsi︠a︡ -- 29. Another copy of N 26. -- 30. Ko vsem rabochim i rabotnit︠s︡am, ko vsem krasnoarmeĭt︠s︡am i matrosam (text only) -- 31. Beedri, strahdneeti! (Text only, in Latvian, black and white, calling on the proletariat to support the Revolution) -- 32. Another copy of N 15 -- 33. U Deniko-Kolchakovskogo -- 34. Do boi︠a︡ belyĭ general (Black and white. Depicts a White General blustering boldly before a battle, cowering behind a tree during the battle, then fleeing in fear) -- 35. Tovarishchi krasnoarmeĭt︠s︡y -- 36. Doloĭ t︠s︡arskikh Atamanov! (text only) -- 37. I ety padalʹ na svalku! (Black and white lithograph. Depicts Denikin being thrown into a dump, in which Kolchak and others are already lying)
    Contents: 38. Razgrom polʹskoĭ burzhuazii osvobodit transport, nakormit gorod, odenet derevni︠u︡, dast zhiznʹ strane. Idi v dobrovolʹt︠s︡y! (Black and white lithograph) -- 39. Nakaz krasnoarmeĭt︠s︡y: "Beregi patron!" (Black and white. Text only ) -- 40. Nuzhna smena (Black and white. Text only) -- 41. Pisʹmo krestʹi︠a︡nam po povodu shkoly -- 42. Primer petrogradskikh rabochikh -- 43. Mshchenʹe t︠s︡ari︠a︡m (Coloured lithograph. Also published under the title: Tsar, pop i bogach na plechakh u trudovogo naroda [The Tsar, the Priest and the Rich Man on the shoulders of the Labouring People]. The text is that of a Polish working class song, translated into Russian by G.M. Krzhizhanovskiĭ in 1897.(Varshavianka)) -- 44.Triumph Kino Teatr: Mirovye filʹmy (Red and green. Cinema poster advertising the films: 'Lukret︠s︡ii︠a︡ Bordzhia' (po romanu Viktora Gi︠u︡go) ['Lucretia Borgia' (from the novel by Victor Hugo)] and 'Omolozhenie' ['Rejuvenation']) -- 45. Nepravilʹno odetyĭ rebenok. Svivalʹnik meshaet rebenku rosti (Depicts a baby wrapped tightly in swaddling-clothes) -- 46. Vzveshivanie rebenka na pruzhinnykh vesakh (Depicts a baby being weighed) -- 47. Ostanovite etot potok golodnykh: vasheĭ tovarishcheskoĭ pomoshʹi︠u︡ -- 48. Pravila: otnositelʹno ustanovki, soderzhanii︠a︡ i obsluzhivanii︠a︡ mashin dvigateleĭ (Black and white. Text only)
    Contents: 49. Pravila: o merakh bezopasnosti rabot v kotelʹnom i medno-kotelʹnom proizvodstve (Black and white. Text only) -- 50. Pravila: o merakh bezopasnosti rabot v chuguno- i medno-liteĭnom proisvodsve (Black and white. Text only) -- 51. "Osvobozhdenie rabotnit︠s︡ estʹ delo samykh rabotnit︠s︡", N. Lenin -- 52. Borʹba krasnogo ryt︠s︡ari︠a︡ s temnoĭ siloi︠u︡ -- 53. 7 noi︠a︡bri︠a︡ 1918. Vstavaĭ podymaĭsi︠a︡ rabochiĭ narod -- 54. Denʹ Sovetskoĭ Propagandy : Znanie - vsem! -- 55. (1) General Brusilov; (2) Angliiskie kontrolery pasportov v Torneo (?) i Arkhangel'sk [English Passport Control in Torneo and Arkhangel'sk]; (3) Ispytannaia angliiskaia rabota [Well-tried English Work]; (4) Leonid Andreev (Four separate posters: (1) A portrait of General Brusilov. Text quoting him as stating on 11 May 1917 that victory in the war against Germany was impossible. (2) A picture of a passport control checkpoint. The Controller is stating: "The passports of your State have no power here. Here you must show the authorisation of the English powers." The text quotes and extract from a Swedish newspaper stating: "English controllers in Russian border stations. All passports must contain a visa from the English consul." (3) Depicts English courtiers unlocking a cupboard (safe?) with a two-headed eagle emblazoned on it. (4) Portrait of Leonid Andreev) -- 56. Vpered, na zashchitu Urala! -- 57. Kto protiv sovetov (Coloured lithograph. Depicts a general, a capitalist, a priest and a kulak. The general is holding a black flag stating 'Down with the Soviets') -- 58. Popovskai︠a︡ kamarinskai︠a︡ -- 59. Uralʹt︠s︡y, dobʹem Kolchaka! -- 60. Vladyka mira - kapital, zolotoĭ kumir (Three coloured lithograph. Based on a satirical drawing 'Freedom' by the Czech artist Frantisek Kupka) -- 61. Pritcha o Spravedlivosti -- 62. Vo chto prevrashchaetsi︠a︡ derevo? --
    Contents: 63. Otstupai︠a︡ pered Krasnoĭ Armieĭ (Coloured lithograph. Depicts starving peasants pleading with White Army soldiers who are setting fire to grain supplies. A priest stands alongside the White Army general) -- 64. Kak iz khleba sdelatʹ sitet︠s︡? -- 65. Chislennik (A portrait of Lenin, surrounded by two figures - in a fairy-tale style - representing industry and agriculture. Possibly the cover for a diary or calendar) -- 66. Zapisʹ v krasnui︠u︡ armii︠u︡ (Coloured lithograph. Depicts peasants signing up to join the Red Army, while kulaks look on) -- 67. Dekabristy v Sibiri (Reproduction of a 1910? painting by A. V. Morovov, depicting the Decembrists in a Siberian prison camp) -- 68. Uglekopy (Reproduction of a painting by N. A. Kasatkin) -- 69. Trudovoĭ prazdnik 1-oe mai︠a︡ -- 70. Ekonomicheskiĭ stroĭ po Genri Dzhordzhi (v razrez) (Diagram illustrating the benefits of common-ownership. Text on back) -- 71. T︠s︡epʹi︠u︡ rabstva (coloured lithograph. Red Army Poster) -- 72. Nashe uchenie o sot︠s︡ializme (black and white. Text only) -- 73. Another copy of N 72 -- 74. Zemelʹnyi vopros (Black and white. Text only) -- 75. Kak dolzhno bytʹ organizovano Narodnoe Khozi︠a︡ĭstvo (Black and white. Text only) -- 76. Why have you come to Mourmansk? (Text only. Black and white. Text signed by N. Lenin, Pres. Council People's Commissaries and C. Tchitchterine, People's Commissary for Foreign Affairs. Calls on English soldiers not to fight to destroy the Russian Revolution: "Comrades! Descendants of the great chartists! You who have always expressed sympathy with the Russian revolution, are you going to asist in crushing the first effort of working people to free themselves from their sweaters and exploiters?")
  • Identifier: System number: 003196811
  • Notes: N 14 - published by Moscow: Glavpolitprosvet
    N 10, 23 - published by Petrograd: Petrogradskiĭ Soviet Rabochikh i Krasnoarmeĭskikh Deputatov
    N 39 - published by Moskva: Lit. Izd. Otd. Politupravl. Voen. Sov. Respubliki
    N 41 - published by Moskva: Narodnyĭ Komissariat po Prosveshchenii︠u︡
    N 56 - published by Moskva: Izdanie politicheskogo otdela revoli︠u︡tsionnogo voennogo soveta respubliki.
    N 5, 7, 9, 11-13, 15-22, 26-28, 33-38, 42, 43-52, 54, 57, 59, 60-62 - published by Moskva: Gosizdat
    N 63 published by Moskva: Izdatelʹstvo narodnogo komissariata zemledelii︠a︡
    N 64 published by Novorossiĭsk. Izdanie Narodnogo Komissariata Prodovolʹstvii︠a︡
    N 1-3, 4, 6, 8, 43, 58, 60, 67, 68 - published by Moskva: VTSIK.
    N 69 published by Smolensk: Smolenskoe gubernskoe otdelenie ROSTA.
    N 70 published by Moskva: Lit. Ti-va I. D. Sytina
    N 72, 74, 75 - published by Moskva: Izdatelʹstvo "Trud i Borʹba".
    N 71 published by Moskva: Otdel Politotdela Revvoensoveta Zapadnogo Fronta
    N 10 - artist L. Pasternak
    N 11 - artist N. Kochergin
    N 12 - artist S. Mukharskii
    N 13 - artist I. M. Sakharova
    N 17 - Text by the agrarian P. Grat︠s︡ianov
    N 21 - artist N. Kogout.
    N 37 - artist K. Spasskiĭ
    N 43, 56 - artist A. Apsit [A. Petrov]
    N 51 - artist F. Lekht
    N 52 - artist B.Zvorykin
    N 53 - artist T. Zeil̆er
    N 57, 58, 59 - artist D. Moor
    N 5, 58, 66 - text by D. Bednyĭ
    N 63 - artist N. Osinin [A. Apsit]
    N 64 - artist P.A.
    N 70 - text by Vladimir A. Levenson
    N 71 - artist F.L.
    N 2, 3, 6, 8 - artist M. M. Cheremnykh.
    N 5 - D. Bednyĭ. Issued by the Russian Communist Union of Youth (Rossiiskii Kommunisticheskii Soiuz Molodezhi)
    Digital images available on Images Online
    Exhibitions note: Poster 66. Copy at Cup.645.a.6.. Exhibited: "Russian Revolution: Hope, Tragedy, Myths", British Library, London, 28 April - 29 August 2017.
    Exhibitions note: Poster 63. Copy at Cup.645.a.6.. Exhibited: "Russian Revolution: Hope, Tragedy, Myths", British Library, London, 28 April - 29 August 2017.
    Exhibitions note: Poster 52. Copy at Cup.645.a.6.. Exhibited: "Russian Revolution: Hope, Tragedy, Myths", British Library, London, 28 April - 29 August 2017.
    Exhibitions note: Poster 64. Copy at Cup.645.a.6.. Exhibited: "Russian Revolution: Hope, Tragedy, Myths", British Library, London, 28 April - 29 August 2017.
    Exhibitions note: Poster 47. Copy at Cup.645.a.6.. Exhibited: "Russian Revolution: Hope, Tragedy, Myths", British Library, London, 28 April - 29 August 2017.
    Exhibitions note: Poster 21. Copy at Cup.645.a.6.. Exhibited: "Russian Revolution: Hope, Tragedy, Myths", British Library, London, 28 April - 29 August 2017.
    Exhibitions note: Poster 65. Copy at Cup.645.a.6.. Exhibited: "Russian Revolution: Hope, Tragedy, Myths", British Library, London, 28 April - 29 August 2017.
    Exhibitions note: Copy at Cup.645.a.6. Exhibited: "Discovering literature: 20th century" (online), 25 May 2016-.
    Exhibitions note: Khăzir mīndă ăzad! (Now I too am Free). Copy at Cup.645.a.6. Exhibited: "Russian Revolution" (online), 29 August 2017-.
    Exhibitions note: Retreating, the Whites are burning crops. Copy at Cup.645.a.6. Exhibited: "Russian Revolution" (online), 29 August 2017-.
    Exhibitions note: Boi Krasnogo rytsaria s temnoi siloi. Copy at Cup.645.a.6. Exhibited: "Russian Revolution" (online), 29 August 2017-.
  • Physical Description: (folio)
  • Shelfmark(s): General Reference Collection Cup.645.a.6.
  • UIN: BLL01003196811

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