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Duncan Burke, Perth [reels 1-6] / Henry Macgregor, Perth [reels 1-6

Kennedy, Peter, 1922-2006 (sound recordist)


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  • Title:
    Duncan Burke, Perth [reels 1-6] / Henry Macgregor, Perth [reels 1-6
  • Contributor: Kennedy, Peter, (sound recordist)
  • Rights: Refer to Topic Records
  • Notes:
    Collection title: Peter Kennedy Collection
    Product title: Duncan Burke, Perth [reels 1-6] / Henry Macgregor, Perth [reels 1-6]
    Other copy no: [PK] 1144
    Other copy no: [PK] 1145
    Other copy no: [PK] 1146
    Other copy no: [PK] 1147
    Other copy no: [PK] 1148
    Other copy no: [PK] 1154
    Other copy no: [PK] 1150
    Other copy no: [PK] 1151
    Other copy no: [PK] 1152
    Other copy no: [PK] 1153
    Other copy no: [PK] 1149
    Product note: C604/1157-1160, 1162; 1164-1167: Speed OK. Midget.
    Product note: C604/1161: wow
    Product note: C604/1163: Speed OK. Midget. Sticky tape;
    Acquisition date: 2007-05
    Contents: C604/1157: 1. John Barleycorn (2 verses) [0'40"].- 2. Gaelic Song - fragmentary. 2nd att. OK. [0'10"].- X 3. Lowlands of Holland [2'25"].- 4. Betsy Gordon + (Bawn O'Brakley) R.
    Contents: C604/1158: 1. The Blackbird (Died for Love) X edit.- 2. The Wind Blew High (words said).- 3. "The Braes O' Barley-Bushel" (sung) [0'30"] + same tune diddled. [0'20"].- 4. "I've Travelled East" [0'45"] (Herdin' her yowed among the heather).- The Glasgow Lassie.- Irish Navvy song.- "The Cruel Mother".
    Contents: C604/1159: "The Cruel Mother".- Mrs Mitchell: "Here's a Health of all True Lovers" (The Rover, I'm a Rover, The Wild Rover).- Bonnie Lassie Foe Stirlin'.- The Girl I Left Behind.- Young Barney M'Ghee.
    Contents: C604/1160: Cant. - vocabulary.- Riddles.- Diddling "Haugho O'Caromdale".- (nearly at end) I'll Bing Avree (song in cant.).- Mrs Mitchell: "When I Was Young I Was Well-Behaved. ("The Blackbird").
    Contents: C604/1161: Trails (chanter) [0'10"] + [0'20"].- Athill Highlanders [0'30"] (chanter).- [0'10"] + [0'20"] "Tha Mi Sgith (I'm Tired and Alone) 'S mi leam fhin.- [0'20"] Wind Blew Bonnie Lassie Plaidie Awa'.- Braes O' Barley Bushel.- "The Cruel Mother" (song). Repeat "Braes O' Barley Bushel".
    Contents: C604/1167: (Cruel Mother) The Dry Well [3'15"] learnt from grandmother in Isla.- Henry MacGregor = Cantering X Houghs o'Cromdale. Talk about Highlands, pearl-fishing, etc. (The Gaberlunzie Man) [1'52"] ("The Beggar Man") R.
    Contents: C604/1163: (to be edited) The Brisk Young Sailor X [3'30"].- (to be edited) The False Knight Upon the Road.- X The Bawn o' Brackley [1'50"]. Cut before talk, fragment (Betsy Gordon).- X. O Can ye wash a sailor's clothes? Lie one night in your arms. The green grass is falling down. Lie down upon milking pails. Broken heart mend again.
    Contents: C604/1164: The Laird O'Windywas [3'50"] My grandfather's father sang that.- Cantering = Balguhidder [0'15"]. Barley bushel ['0'30"].- X (see Alec Stewart) The Deil in the Kitchen [0'45"].- X Inverness Gathering [2'10"].- X March tune - Gaelic name. Extracts. Applause.- X Conversation about ceilidhe and folk-tales, giants etc. (Very good: ? programme).
    Contents: C604/1165: Silly Jack and the Englishman (story). Silly Jack and the Women (story). [3'50"].- The Douglas tragedy [7] (fragment - spoken).- The Laird O Rosselton's Daughter.- [1'42"] Captain Wedderbum's Courtship [46].- Toast. Here's to the world it runs upon wheels. Death is a thing... .- "Fare Ye Well to Lochaber" (song) (start missed). R.
    Contents: C604/1166: Canterach a Pibroch [5'20"].- Same pibroch on chanter [0'25"].- Talk about cantering.- Same pibroch repeated [0'50"] illustrated by chanter.- Same pibroch repeated [2'05"].- Talk about Willie, Ron, his sister learned him, etc. Learned pipes from his uncle.
    Contents: C604/1162: "Peggy and the Soldier".- Talk about Henry's early life.- Burker story.- The Burker's Coach out of Dundee (+ Mrs MacGregor).- An attempt at baby-stealy (McGregor's daughter).
    Original or copy: original
    Purpose of original: Broadcast and study

  • Physical Description: 10 tape reels 13 cm 19 cm/sec; 1 tape reel 13 cm 38 cm/sec

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