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Transnational Histories of the 'Royal Nation'

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  • Title:
    Transnational Histories of the 'Royal Nation'
  • Author: Banerjee, Milinda ; Backerra, Charlotte ; Sarti, Cathleen
  • Contributor: Banerjee, Milinda ; Backerra, Charlotte ; Sarti, Cathleen
  • Subjects: History -- World History, Global and Transnational History; History -- History of Modern Europe; History -- Cultural History; History -- Imperialism and Colonialism; History -- Political History
  • Publication Details: Springer International Publishing, Cham
  • Language: English
  • Description: Intro -- Foreword -- Acknowledgements -- Contents -- List of Contributors -- List of Figures -- Chapter 1: The Royal Nation in Global Perspective -- Notes -- Part I: Conceptualizing the Royal Nation -- Chapter 2: The Royal Nation and Global Intellectual History: Monarchic Routes to Conceptualizing National Unity -- Intellectual Histories of the Royal Nation: Problems and Prospects -- Comparative Frames -- Connected Histories and Travels -- Theologies of Monarchic Nationhood -- Early Modern Histories and Methodological Lessons -- Monarchism Without a Monarchy, or the Translation of Sovereignty -- Monarchic Concepts and Nationalisms in Royal and Post-Royal Societies: Concluding Reflections -- Notes -- Chapter 3: Resilient in Adversity: The Monarchical State in Prussia and Sardinia-Piedmont, 1847–51 -- 1848: Resilience Between Reform and Revolution -- Teleological Conceptions of Modernization and Nationalism in Post-Revolutionary Europe -- Reinventing the Monarchical Discourse: Constitutional Reforms and National Mission -- Resilience: The Main Agent of Change in Mid-­Nineteenth-­Century Italy and Germany -- Notes -- Chapter 4: Nepalese Monarchy in an Age of Codification: Kingship, Patriotism, and Legality in the Nepalese Code of 1854 -- Introduction -- Kingship and Nationalism in Nineteenth Century Nepal -- The Formation of the Mulukı̄ Ain -- Kingship, Law, and Patriotism in the Mulukı̄ Ain -- Conclusion -- Notes -- Chapter 5: Loss of Control: Kaiser Wilhelm II, Mass Media, and the National Identity of the Second German Reich -- Forging the Nation Through the Dynasty -- The Monarch as the Anchor of a National Discourse -- The Limits of National Integration Through the Dynasty -- Conclusion: The European Dimension -- Notes -- Chapter 6: The Comparative Endurance and Legacy of Morocco’s Royal Nation -- Introduction -- The Phenomenon: An Unexpected Contemporary Islamist Monarchy? -- ‘God, the Nation, the King’: Morocco’s Nationalist Glue -- A Revitalized, Reinvented Ruling Monarchy in Morocco: What Kind of Royal Nation? -- Conclusion: Morocco and Rethinking the Royal Nation more Generally -- Notes -- Part II: Visualizing and Performing the Royal Nation -- Chapter 7: From the White Tsar to the Russian Tsar: Monarchy and Russian Nationalism in Tsarist Turkestan, 1867–1917 -- Introduction -- The White Tsar: The Monarchy as a Supranational Institution -- The Tsar as a Russian Ruler -- Notes -- Chapter 8: The Monarchs’ New Clothes: Transnational Flows and the Fashioning of the Modern Japanese and Siamese Monarchies -- Introduction -- Semi-Colonial State-Building -- Japan Before Meiji -- Siam in the Early Nineteenth Century -- The Emperor’s New Clothes -- The King’s New Clothes -- Class, Costume, and the Meiji State -- Class, Costume, and Siamese Absolutism -- The Naturalization of Foreign Dress -- Summary -- Notes -- Chapter 9: ‘Mein Hessenland blühe und in ihm die Kunst’. Ernst Ludwig’s Darmstädter Künstlerkolonie: Building Nationhood through the Arts and Crafts -- Ernst Ludwig: A Modern German Prince -- The New Art: An International, National and Regional Phenomenon -- Ernst Ludwig: Patron of the New Art -- Darmstädter Künstlerkolonie -- Turin 1902 -- Conclusion -- Notes -- Chapter 10: Performing Monarchy and Spanish Nationalism (1902–13) -- The Performing Monarchy -- Court Ceremonies, Royal Celebrations -- The Magic of the Royal Visit -- Uniforms and Flags -- The Centre of Politics -- Notes -- Chapter 11: The Dragon Flag in the Republican Nation: The Dowager Empress Longyu’s Death Ritual in 1913 and Contested Political Legitimacy in Early Republican China -- Introduction -- Retaining the Ritual Sovereignty: Court Rituals, Daily Routines, and the “Ritual Time” of the Abdicated Qing Court -- Contested Sovereignties: The Ritual Dispute in Dowager Empress Longyu’s Funeral Between the Manchu Court and the Republic -- Concluding Remarks: The Significance of the Manchu Court in Early Republican Politics -- Notes -- Part III: Remembering the Royal Nation -- Chapter 12: Losing Monarchs: The Legacy of German and English National Historiography -- Introduction -- Transnational Exchange of Histories and Historiographies -- Dynastic Histories to National History? -- British Constitutional History and the Monarchy: Hallam, Macaulay, and Maitland -- German and Austrian History and the Great Rulers: Droysen and Arneth -- In Search of the Loss of Monarchs: Conclusion -- Notes -- Chapter 13: Constructing Queenship in Early Nineteenth-Century French Historiography -- Notes -- Chapter 14: Celebrating and Reinventing Brazil: Monarchy and Nation in the Works of Afonso Arinos, 1897–1900 -- Monarchy and Nation in Brazil -- Reinventing a Monarchy for the Nation -- Inventing a People for the Monarchy -- Conclusion -- Notes -- Chapter 15: Catalonia: Medieval Monarchs Testifying for Democracy, Nation, and Europe -- The Nineteenth-Century Imagination of Catalan History: A Narrative Cycle -- Guifré and Borrell: Two Medieval Counts of Barcelona as Fathers of the Nation -- Jaume I: A King to Represent Catalonia’s National Glory -- Martí I: The King’s Death as an Initial Point of National Decline -- Catalonia’s Medieval Counts and Kings and the Effects of Europeanization and Globalization -- Guifré el Pelòs and Borrell II Testify to Catalonia’s European Identity -- Jaume I: The Tolerant King that Knew How to Rule a Diverse Society -- Reflecting Modern Times by Telling Medieval Histories -- Notes -- Chapter 16: ‘Para-Royalty’ Between Nationalism and Transnationalism: Russian Images of Personal Rule -- Introduction: Monarchs Without Monarchy? -- The Concept of ‘Para-Royalty’ -- Putin and Para-Royalty: Patterns of Performativity in Contemporary Russia -- A Tsar of Kings: Imperial and Transnational Dimensions of Russian Para-Royalty -- Conclusion -- Notes -- Chapter 17: Conclusion: Transnational Histories of the ‘Royal Nation’ -- Index -- .
  • Identifier: ISBN: 978-3-319-50522-0 ; E-ISBN: 978-3-319-50523-7 ; DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-50523-7
  • Creation Date: 2017

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