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Regulatory RNA design through evolutionary computation and strand displacement

BioRxiv, Apr 28, 2014

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  • Title:
    Regulatory RNA design through evolutionary computation and strand displacement
  • Author: Rostain, William ; Landrain, Thomas ; Rodrigo, Guillermo ; Jaramillo, Alfonso
  • Contributor: Jaramillo, Alfonso (pacrepositoryorg)
  • Found In: BioRxiv, Apr 28, 2014
  • Subjects: Gene Expression ; Ribonucleic Acid–RNA ; Genetic Control ; Gene Expression ; Evolution ; Nucleotide Sequence
  • Language: English
  • Description: The discovery and study of a vast number of regulatory RNAs in all kingdoms of life over the past decades has allowed the design of new synthetic RNAs that can regulate gene expression in vivo. Riboregulators, in particular, have been used to activate or repress gene expression. However, to accelerate and scale up the design process, synthetic biologists require computer-assisted design tools, without which riboregulator engineering will remain a case-by-case design process requiring expert attention. Recently, the design of RNA circuits by evolutionary computation and adapting strand displacement techniques from nanotechnology has proven to be suited to the automated generation of DNA sequences implementing regulatory RNA systems in bacteria. Herein, we present our method to carry out such evolutionary design and how to use it to create various types of riboregulators, allowing the systematic de novo design of genetic control systems in synthetic biology.
  • Identifier: DOI: 10.1101/004580

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