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  • Title:
  • Author: Payne Robert F ; Noakes Scott H
  • Subjects: Electricity ; Electric Communication Technique ; Transmission Of Digital Information, E.G. Telegraphiccommunication ; Basic Electronic Circuitry ; Pulse Technique ; Amplifiers ; Transmission ; Medicine ; Sciences ; Chemistry
  • Language: English;Korean
  • Description: PURPOSE: An ISI elimination differential receiver is provided to relax inter-symbol interference in a system that employs a high data transmission rate. CONSTITUTION: The ISI elimination differential receiver(2) that eliminates inter- symbol interference(ISI) caused in a differential digital signal when a long run of a digital signal(0 or 1) is transmitted through a long cable, is configured by either of the bipolar technology(npn or pnp) and the insulation gate FET technology(p-channel or n-channel). A first differential transistor(TR) pair (T1, T'1) is connected to a second differential TR pair(T2, T'2) with a weaker coupling via a filter network(R'1, C', R'2, R'1, R'3) so that a high pass 'shelf' filter transfer function is in existence between a differential input signal and an output signal. This transfer function relaxes the ISI by decreasing a gain of the long run in the digital signal (low frequency) and increasing a gain of a state transition edge (high frequency).
  • Creation Date: 26 February 2001

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