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Medical nutrition cup

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  • 医用营养杯

  • Title:
    Medical nutrition cup
  • Author: LI Juan ; Wu Chengming
  • Subjects: Human Necessities ; Furniture ; Domestic Articles OR Appliances ; Coffee Mills ; Spice Mills ; Suction Cleaners In General ; Household OR Table Equipment ; Medicine ; Sciences ; Chemistry
  • Language: Chinese;English
  • Description: The utility model provides a medical nutrition cup, comprises a cup body and a cup cover, the top opening part of the cup formation flange that outwards overturns, the bowl cover includes the body, inwards overturn and form department of anti -overflow in the bottom of body, but the department of anti -overflow chucking is in form anti -spilling structure on the flange, this internal first branch lid and second branch lid of being equipped with, first branch lid is fixed on the body, the second divides the lid to connect first branch is covered and can be for the upset of first branch lid, first branch is covered and is equipped with bellied fixed part, the second branch is covered and is equipped with the fixed slot, the fixed part can be fixed in the fixed slot. The utility model discloses a setting up first branch lid and second on the bowl cover and dividing the lid, the second that can overturn when edible divides the lid, and it is edible directly to take out food, and is quick convenient. 本实用新型提供种医用营养杯,包括杯体和杯盖,所述杯体的上方开口处向外翻转形成凸缘,所述杯盖包括本体,所述本体的底部向内翻转形成防溢部,所述防溢部可卡紧在所述凸缘上形成防溢结构;所述本体内设有第分盖和第二分盖,所述第分盖固定在所述本体上,所述第二分盖连接在所述第分盖上并可相对于第分盖翻转;所述第分盖上设有凸起的固定部,所述第二分盖上设有固定槽,所述固定部可固定在所述固定槽内。本实用新型通过在所述杯盖上设置第分盖和第二分盖,食用时可以翻转第二分盖,直接取出食物食用,快速方便。
  • Creation Date: 20 June 2017

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