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Functional medical nutrition weight loss formula and method

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  • 种功能医学营养减重配方及方法

  • Title:
    Functional medical nutrition weight loss formula and method
  • Author: Liu Yuping
  • Subjects: Human Necessities ; Foods OR Foodstuffs ; Their Treatment, Not Covered By Other Classes ; Foods, Foodstuffs, OR NON-Alcoholic Beverages, Not Covered Bysubclasses A23b - a23j ; Their Preparation OR Treatment, E.G. Cooking, Modification Ofnutritive Qualities, Physical Treatment ; Preservation Of Foods OR Foodstuffs, In General ; Indexing Scheme Relating To Foods, Foodstuffs OR NON-Alcoholicbeverages ; Medicine ; Sciences ; Chemistry
  • Language: Chinese;English
  • Description: The invention discloses a functional medical nutrition weight loss formula and method. The method comprises steps: physical examination and obesity phenotype judgment, fat loss type classification, diet structure regulation, micronutrients supplement and ensured sufficient amount of exercise and water intake. According to the functional medical nutrition weight loss method provided by the invention, by virtue of detection of metabolic indexes and body analyzers, three-dimensional evaluation of fat accumulation degree and distribution and endocrine metabolism situation of the body can be realized, the fat loss types are scientifically classified, and specified micronutrient supplement and diet regulation can be performed, so that rebound caused by too fast weight loss and body injuries caused by unhealthy weight loss can be avoided, and metabolism is modulated to a normal level during weight loss. The functional medical nutrition weight loss method provided by the invention is a healthyweight loss method without any side effect. 本发明公开了种功能医学营养减重配方及方法,包括体检及肥胖类型判断、减脂类型分类、调整饮食结构、补充微量营养素及保证充足的运动量和饮水量。本发明提供种功能医学营养减重方法,通过代谢指标及身体分析仪的检测,立体评估减重人员的脂肪累积程度、分布及机体内分泌代谢情形,对减脂类型科学分类,并进行针对性的微量营养素补充与饮食调节,避免减肥过快造成的反弹及不健康减肥对身体的伤害,在减肥的同时也将代谢调理到正常水平。本发明的功能医学营养减重方法是种健康无副作用的减肥方法。
  • Creation Date: 05 June 2018

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