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Pain and paresthetic phenomenon of oral cavity mucosa

Medičnì Perspektivi, 01 March 2013, Vol.18(1), pp.51-54 [Peer Reviewed Journal]

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  • Title:
    Pain and paresthetic phenomenon of oral cavity mucosa
  • Author: Dychko Ye.N ; Verbytska A.V ; Karnaukh S.O
  • Found In: Medičnì Perspektivi, 01 March 2013, Vol.18(1), pp.51-54 [Peer Reviewed Journal]
  • Subjects: : Glossalgia ; Glossodynia ; Pathogenesis ; Classification ; Medicine
  • Language: Russian
  • Description: In the theoretical and practical dentistry, neurology and psychiatry, there is ambivalence about neurodental pathological processes, including glossalgia and glossodynia. In these patients persistent clinical signs, mainly in the oral cavity in the form of excruciating burning pain and paresthesias of the tongue occur. However, after a short period of time patient is immersed into a range of neurotic and psychiatric symptoms, main of them depressed mood, decreased work performance, cancerogenic phobia, insomnia, depression. Therefore, all neurodental diseases are falsely at¬tributed to severe neurological disease that requires special medical ap¬proach and a long follow-up. A well-designed health care complex allows to obtain a high performance - 60% to 80%, however, there remains a need in profound study of the nature glossalgia and glossodynia for targeted treatment. The study involved 205 patients with glossalgia and glossodynia in clinical, para-clinical and laboratory aspects. It was found that in most cases there is presence of chronic somatic diseases in case of sudden external stimuli (like trigger). Chronic diseases of the nervous, cardiovascular, endocrine and digestive system, often - their combination should be considered as main etiological factors neurodental pathological processes. However, irritation of the mechanical, chemical and thermal nature of the oral cavity are important. In the pathogenesis of the phenomenon the role of nerve, autonomic and cardiovascular disorders, especially at the level of the microcirculation of the oral mucosa is underlined. It is proposed to systematize glossalgia as sympathicotonic, vagotonic and mixed.
  • Identifier: ISSN: 2307-0404 ; E-ISSN: 2307-0404

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