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Expression QTLs Mapping and Analysis: A Bayesian Perspective.

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  • Title:
    Expression QTLs Mapping and Analysis: A Bayesian Perspective.
  • Author: Imprialou, Martha ; Petretto, Enrico ; Bottolo, Leonardo
  • Contributor: Apollo - University of Cambridge Repository; Apollo - University of Cambridge Repository
  • Subjects: Models, Statistical ; Bayes Theorem ; Chromosome Mapping ; Gene Expression ; Quantitative Trait Loci ; Algorithms ; Software ; Genetic Variation ; Genome-Wide Association Study ; Web Browser
  • Publication Details: Apollo - University of Cambridge Repository
  • Description: The aim of expression Quantitative Trait Locus (eQTL) mapping is the identification of DNA sequence variants that explain variation in gene expression. Given the recent yield of trait-associated genetic variants identified by large-scale genome-wide association analyses (GWAS), eQTL mapping has become a useful tool to understand the functional context where these variants operate and eventually narrow down functional gene targets for disease. Despite its extensive application to complex (polygenic) traits and disease, the majority of eQTL studies still rely on univariate data modeling strategies, i.e., testing for association of all transcript-marker pairs. However these "one at-a-time" strategies are (1) unable to control the number of false-positives when an intricate Linkage Disequilibrium structure is present and (2) are often underpowered to detect the full spectrum of trans-acting regulatory effects. Here we present our viewpoint on the most recent advances on eQTL mapping approaches, with a focus on Bayesian methodology. We review the advantages of the Bayesian approach over frequentist methods and provide an empirical example of polygenic eQTL mapping to illustrate the different properties of frequentist and Bayesian methods. Finally, we discuss how multivariate eQTL mapping approaches have distinctive features with respect to detection of polygenic effects, accuracy, and interpretability of...
  • Identifier: DOI: 10.17863/CAM.25397 ; ISSN: 1064-3745
  • Creation Date: 2017

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