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Pleasure/Forced Entertainment

Forced Entertainment (performance group) ^A109133


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  • Title:
    Pleasure/Forced Entertainment
  • Contributor: Forced Entertainment (performance group); Arthur, Robin (performer, male); Lowdon, Richard (performer, male / set design); Marshall, Claire (performer, female); Naden, Cathy (performer, female); O'Connor, Terry (performer / off-line edit, female); Etchells, Tim, (director); Edwards, Nigel (lighting); Avery, John (soundtrack)
  • Subjects: Experimental theatre ^A253491
  • Place Name: ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts), London, England, UK
  • Notes:
    Recording date: 1998-01-26
    Short title: Pleasure/Forced Entertainment
    Collection title: Forced Entertainment collection ^A230986
    Recording Notes: Credits at front and tail. Audio quite low. Fades to black, blackout for last 45 sec.
    Sound quality: Video dropout. Video and audio noise. Blurred light bar to left of frame.
    Duration: 1 hr. 14 min. 30 sec.
    Item notes: PLEASURE takes you down the stairs to a strange night-club at some drunken, half-magical 4am. Hopeless dancers, a pantomime horse, and three girls in wedding dresses all float past on a tide of stage booze. An MC talks – about love, hope, modern life and TV dinners. It feels like underwater. It feels like 16 rpm. It feels just like real life. If each of Forced Entertainment's pieces were a room in a house PLEASURE would definitely be the basement – a dark, scary places where the stage hands are snogging and where the acts are more dangerous than they seem. Created in 1997 PLEASURE toured throughout the UK and mainland Europe. In July 1997 it was the subject of the South Bank Show documentary film ON PLEASURE by Alexander Kelly in collaboration with the company. - Text taken from the blurb on the VHS jacket. Contains nudity.
    Item notes: Available to view (at the British Library only) as streaming video, by appointment with the Listening and Viewing Service
    Performance notes: Live performance. Theatre performance.Conceived and devised by the company. Soundtrack made from 'found sources'. Personnel: Andy Clarke (technician), Johnny Goodwin (technician), Deborah Chadbourn (general manager), Verity Leigh (administrator), Mark Parkin (cameraman), Kevin O'Neill (cameraman), Jamie Marriott (AVID on-line edit). The preview performances were on 2 & 5 November 1997 at the Nieuwpoortheatre, Gent as part of the Time Festival and the premiere performance was at Arnolfini, Bristol on 14 November 1997. – Text taken from blurb on VHS jacket. Forced Entertainment is funded by: The Arts Council of England, Yorkshire and Humberside Arts and Sheffield City Council. With thanks to SHEFFIELD INDEPENDENT FILM, ICA Video and Sholto Ramsey. Forced Entertainment Ltd is a registered charity: 1049574. – Text taken from tail end credits. Headlines of disasters. Ships sinking, planes crashing, bridges falling. Predictions of Mishap, foretellings of hurricanes and terrorist bombs. Three executions. Winner of the Miss Universe contest.... Miss Uruguay. Lying dreams, good dreams, hurtable dreams. Weather rough and stormy, unsettled, rough with earthquakes possible. If each of Forced Entertainment's pieces were a room in a house, Pleasure would definitely be the basement — a dark, scary place of surreal melancholy. With a soundtrack of old tunes played at 16 rpm, Pleasure takes you down the stairs to a strange nightclub at some drunken, half-magical 4am. Framed by the weary comical text from a cynical MC, Pleasure is about love, hope, modern life, the gods descending to Earth and TV dinners. There are hopeless Hawaiian dances, a horny pantomime horse, failed William Tell routines and a catalogue of obscene words and phrases scrawled on a blackboard at the back of the stage. This latter part of the performance later became a video work of its own, called Filthy Words & Phrases (1998). Pleasure was the subject of a South Bank Show documentary film On Pleasure (1997), directed by Alexander Kelly and made in collaboration with the company. – Text taken from performance description provided on Forced Entertainments website (

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