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BBC World Service "Discovery" tapes

Houghton, John, 1931- (speaker, male; interviewee; physicist)


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  • Title:
    BBC World Service "Discovery" tapes
  • Contributor: Houghton, John, 1931-; Durham, Tony; Bennett, Peter, 1932-; Goodwin, Peter; Hedges, Stephen
  • Other Titles:
    Collection title: BBC World Service "Discovery" tapes

  • Rights: BBC
  • Description:
    Dr Peter Bennett of the Royal Naval Physiology Department at Alverstoke discusses the physiological problems associated with diving to great depths, drugs being developed to counter nitrogen narcosis and how his research into using compressed air will assist in underwater activities such as bridge building, tunnelling and oil-rig maintenance. Interview consists of two parts. Non sequential on tape. Interviewed by Peter Goodwin.

    Dr John Houghton of Oxford University's Clarendon Laboratory discusses the Nimbus 4 weather satellite, three dimensional maps of atmospheric temperature and the selective chopper radiometer. Interviewed by Tony Durham.

  • Notes:
    Recording: 1972-01-11;
    - Houghton, John, 1931- (speaker, male; interviewee; physicist);
    - Durham, Tony (speaker, male; interviewer);
    - Bennett, Peter, 1932- (speaker, male; interviewee);
    - Goodwin, Peter (speaker, male; interviewer);
    - Hedges, Stephen (speaker, male; producer)
    Recording Notes: Second part of interview with Peter Bennett summarised by narrator on transcript.
    Recording Notes: Inserts recorded for BBC World Service "Discovery" series.
    Broadcaster: BBC World Service 1972-01 ca approximately
    Access restrictions: Private study only. For publication or broadcast refer to curator.

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