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BIg Cats: Cheetahs - The Deadly Race / Stalking Leopards / Super Pride



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  • Title:
    BIg Cats: Cheetahs - The Deadly Race / Stalking Leopards / Super Pride
  • Rights: NGHT, Inc
  • Notes:
    Recording: 2009;
    Record company name: NGHT, Inc
    Product bar code: 5060131313627
    Contents: Disc 1: Cheetahs - the deadly race: Witness life and death duels as they unravel under the fierce Kalahari sun. The two competitors are a swift and graceful antelope and the fastest predator on land. Springbok and cheetah have evolved together pushing each other to greater and greater competitive skills and spectacular speeds. This is a contest that leaves only the quick - or the dead.
    Contents: Disc 2: Stalking Leopards: This remarkable film documents one young male leopard's fight for survival and his place in the community hierarchy. Seventy kilos of strength, the four-year-old male leopard, Tjololo, stalks his meals with liquid smooth movements. But keeping his catch from the animals that share his domain will require tough lesson and numerous heated confrontations.
    Contents: Disc 3: The Serengeti in northern Tanzania is one of the world's last great wildlife refugees, teaming with crocodiles, leopards, cheetahs and one of the biggest lion populations in Africa, with approximately 3,500 lions in 300 prides. But one pride looms large in the Serengeti lion kingdom: a single dynasty ruling the plains, to which hundreds of lions trace their roots. And this year, something remarkable is happening... this great pride is exploding in size. A perfect storm of conditions is creating a super pride.

  • Physical Description: 3 DVDs
  • Holdings Notes: A

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