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Novvs orbis regionvm ac insvlarvm veteribvs incognitarvm, unà cum tabula cosmographica, & aliquot alijs consimilis argumenti libellis, quorum omnium catalogus sequenti patebit pagina. His accessit copiosus rerum memorabilium index.

Simon Grynäus, 1493-1541.

Basileae, apvd Io. Hervagivm, mense Martio.

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  • Title:
    Novvs orbis regionvm ac insvlarvm veteribvs incognitarvm, unà cum tabula cosmographica, & aliquot alijs consimilis argumenti libellis, quorum omnium catalogus sequenti patebit pagina. His accessit copiosus rerum memorabilium index.
  • Author: Simon Grynäus, 1493-1541.
  • Contributor: Pietro Martire d' Anghiera 1457-1526.;
    Joseph Banks 1743-1820, former owner.;
    Pedro Alvares Cabral -1520?.;
    Alvise Cà da Mosto 1432-1488.;
    Christopher Columbus;
    Paolo Giovio 1483-1552.;
    Janus Gruterus 1560-1627, former owner.;
    Johann Huttich 1480?-1544.;
    Arcangelo Madrignano;
    Balthasar Meisner 1587-1626, former owner.;
    Sebastian Münster 1489-1552.;
    Martín Alonso Pinzón 1440?-1493.;
    Vicente Yáñez Pinzón 14461 or 2-approximately 1524.;
    Marco Polo 1254-1323?.;
    Erasmus Stella approximately 1460-1521.;
    Lodovico de Varthema active 15th century.;
    Amerigo Vespucci 1451-1512.;
    Burchard, of Mount Sion, -1285.;
    Hayton, Frère, approximately 1235-approximately 1314.;
    Maciej, z Miechowa, 1457?-1523.;
    Manuel I, King of Portugal, 1469-1521.
  • Other Titles: Variant Title: Novus orbis regionum ac insularum veteribus incognitarum, unà cum tabula cosmographica, & aliquot alijs consimilis argumenti libellis, quorum omnium catalogus sequenti patebit pagina
  • Subjects: Voyages and travels -- Early works to 1800; America -- Early accounts to 1600; America -- Discovery and exploration -- Early works to 1800; East Indies -- Description and travel -- Early works to 1800; Middle East -- Description and travel -- Early works to 1800
  • Publication Details: Basileae, apvd Io. Hervagivm, mense Martio.
  • Language: Latin
  • Description: Contents: Aloysij Cadamusti navigatio ad terras ignotas, Archangelo Madrignano interprete -- II. Christophori Columbi navigatio ex iussu Hispaniæ regis, ad multas insulas hactenus incognitas, eodem Madrignano interprete -- III. Petri Alonsi navigatio, eodem interprete -- Pinzoni navigatio, eodem interprete -- Alberici Vesputij navigationum epitome -- Petri Aliaris navigationis, & epistolarum quorundam mercatorum opusculum -- Iosephi Indi navigationes -- Americi Vesputij navigationes IIII -- Epistola Emanuelis regis Portugalliæ ad Leone[m] X Pont. Max. de victorijs habitis in India & Malacha &c. -- Ludovici Rom. patritij navigationum Æthiopiæ, Ægypti, utrius[que] Arabiæ, Persidis, Syriæ, Indiæ, intra & extra Gangem, libri VII. Archangelo Madrignano interprete -- Locorum terræ sanctæ exactissima descriptio, autore Fr. Brocardo monacho. -- M. Pauli Veneti de regionibus Orientalibus libri III. -- Haithoni Armeni ordinis Præmonstrat. de Tartaris liber -- Mathiæ à Michou de Sarmatia Asiana at[que] Europea. lib. II. -- Pauli Iovij Novocomensis de Moschovitarum legatione liber -- Petri Martyris de insulis nuper repertis liber -- Erasmi Stellæ de Borussiæ antiquitatibus lib. II.
  • Identifier: System number: 001529216
  • Notes: Edited by Simon Grynäus from material collected by Johann Huttich.
    Woodcut printer's devices; woodcut initials.
    List of contents on title page verso. Title page followed by a three-page dedication to Georgius Collimitius (Tannstetter) (1482-1535) by Simon Grynäus, thirty-one pages of indices and a twelve-page introduction by Sebastian Münster to the world map. The last leaf contains the colophon on the recto and a printer's device on the verso.
    Misprinted page numbers: 88 instead of 54; 93 instead of 55; 126 instead of 138; 228 instead of 208; 317 instead of 217; 467 instead of 465; 479 instead of 477; 480 instead of 478; 577 instead of 579; 578 instead of 580; 584 instead of 586.
    Contains the map 'Typvs cosmographicvs vniversalis'.
    Citation/references note: VD16, G 3827
    Citation/references note: Adams, G1334
    Citation/references note: Sabin, 34100
    Citation/references note: Alden, J.E. European Americana, 532/17
    Citation/references note: Harrisse, H. Americana, 171
    Citation/references note: Streit, R. Bib. missionum, I, 28
  • Physical Description: [48], 584 [i.e. 586], [2] pages, 1 folded leaf of plates : illustrations, 1 map ; 33 cm. (folio)
  • Copy Note: Ownership: Copy at 985.h.17. With the ownership stamp of Sir Joseph Banks (1743–1820) on title page and ms. inscription in a contemporary hand "Iani Gruterj", i.e. Janus Gruterus (1560-1627), the philologist and librarian. Marginal ms. annotation in a contemporary hand, probably that of Gruterus, on p. 457. Ms. inscription in a later hand on title page: "Simon Grijnæus Autor."
    Ownership: Copy at 601.m.20. Ms. inscription in a contemporary hand on third free endpaper: "Ex libris M. Balthasaris Meisnerij Ao. [15]91. Oct: 21", i.e. Balthasar Meisner (1587-1626), the theologian and principal at the University of Wittenberg. Below in a different hand: "Ao. 1624, tunc [?] ex libris Jacobi S... Professor ...", marginal ms. annotations throughout and ms. inscription in German on fifth and fourth free endpaper at the back in the same hand.
    Ownership: Copy at G.7032.(1). Paper slip attached to first free endpaper recto with ms. inscription in ink in Thomas Grenville's (1755-1846) hand: "(Novus Orbis Ed: 1a. fo. Baisl 1532. Grynæi) (Cortesii Epistolæ. fo. Norimbergi. 1524) This first edition of the Novus Orbis is very desirable & very difficult to find. The title page announces a map, with a description of the map by Munster, but no map has, as far as I can learn, ever been seen in this edition- neither do Camus, Meuselius, Maittaire, Panzer or any of the bibliographical books appear to have noticed in this & in the subsequent editions the constant deficiency of the map. I have a copy of the 2d edition (printed at Paris in the same year 1532, but 6 months after that of Basil) with the original map by Delph, with the date of 1531, & I have in the Basil ed: of 1555 a different map apparently also made for that edition- but I have not seen or heard of any other copy of these two maps- Of the Cortesii Epistolæ 1524 which in this copy is subjoined to the Novus Orbis, & of it's rarity, a separate Mss note will be found at the title page of that work." Ms. inscription in a 17th-century hand on title page: "Melchior Wenger, Italia-Sverg. 1666 ..." [rest is unreadable as crossed out].
    Copy note: Copy at 601.m.20. Letters and printer's device on title page and letters in the title of the dedication and in the index have been coloured in.
    Copy note: Copy at 214.c.11. Ms. inscription on second free endpaper in a later hand, probably that of Sir Frederick Augusta Barnard (1743–1830), Royal librarian: "Fresnoy in his Method for Geogr: ... [sentence crossed out] recommends the Edn. of Basle in 1555 as the most compleat. V. Vol. 1 P294. This is a collection of the first writers upon the discovery of America, & was published by Simon Grynæus who was born in 1493 & died in 1541. V. Bauer Bibl: V2 P63. Boehmeri hist. nat. V.1 p. 721. This copy wants the map." [i.e. Lenglet du Fresnoy's 'Méthode pour étudier la géographie', Paris, 1768, Vol. 1, p. 294; Bauer's 'Bibliotheca librorum rariorum universalis', Nürnberg, 1770-91, vol. 2, p. 63; Boehmer’s 'Bibliotheca scriptorum historiae naturalis oeconomiae aliarumque artium ac scientiarum ad illam pertinentium realis systematica'. Lipsiae [Leipzig], 1785-1789]. The printer's devices and the initial in the dedication have been hand coloured. Marginal ms. inscriptions in several different contemporary hands throughout.
    Copy note: Copy at G.7032.(1). Bound with another 16th-century work on America.
    Binding information: Copy at 601.m.20. In a nineteenth century English blind tooled brown calf binding by the British Museum bindery,made in imitation of a German sixteenth century style.
    Binding information: Copy at 214.c.11. In a, later re-backed, brown calf binding with the monogram of King George III gold-tooled in the centre of both boards and spine.
    Binding information: Copy at G.7032.(1). In a sixteenth century German blind tooled brown goatskin binding by the Wolfenbüttel 12 Geog. 2º* workshop, Einbanddatenbank w002086.
    Physical condition: Copy at 985.h.17. Imperfect: wanting the map.
    Physical condition: Copy at 601.m.20. Imperfect: wanting the map.
    Physical condition: Copy at 214.c.11. Imperfect: wanting the map.
    Physical condition: Copy at G.7032.(1). Imperfect: wanting the map.
  • Shelfmark(s): General Reference Collection 985.h.17.
    General Reference Collection 601.m.20.
    General Reference Collection 214.c.11.
    General Reference Collection G.7032.(1.)
  • UIN: BLL01001529216

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