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Medical nutrition feeding bag

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  • 种医用营养喂食袋

  • Title:
    Medical nutrition feeding bag
  • Author: Qian Cheng
  • Subjects: Human Necessities ; Medical OR Veterinary Science ; Hygiene ; Containers Specially Adapted FOR Medical OR Pharmaceuticalpurposes ; Devices OR Methods Specially Adapted FOR Bringingpharmaceutical Products Into Particular Physical Oradministering Forms ; Devices FOR Administering Food OR Medicines Orally ; Baby Comforters ; Devices FOR Receiving Spittle ; Medicine ; Sciences ; Chemistry
  • Language: Chinese;English
  • Description: The invention provides a medical nutrition feeding bag. The medical nutrition feeding bag comprises bag bodies, hanging rings, protection covers, a switching device, a stirring device, infusion tubesand a speed regulator. In a use state, the stirring device, the switching device and the speed regulator are sequentially arranged below the bag bodies, the protection covers and liquid inlets are symmetrically mutually embedded, and a seal rubber layer is arranged at the edge of each protection cover. The stirring device comprises an intensive stirring bag, stirring blades, a screw rod, an electric motor and a switch; the switching device comprises liquid inlet holes, a hole selection disc and a switching rubber tube, selection and regulation hole channels and a solution groove are formed inthe hole selection disc, and the selection and regulation hole channels are communicated with the solution groove. According to the medical nutrition feeding bag, the two nutrition feeding bag bodiesare allowed to transfer nutrient solutions at the same time for feeding, the transferred nutrient solutions can be stirred and then mixed, the practicability of the nutrition feeding bag is improved,the problems that when one nutrition feeding bag body is replaced, the nutrition solution is spilled out are reduced, and the antibacterial and bactericidal effects of the nutrition feeding bag are enhanced. 本发明的种医用营养喂食袋包括袋体、挂环、保护盖、转换装置、搅拌装置、输液管及调速器,所述袋体使用状态下方依次是搅拌装置、转换装置、调速器,所述保护盖与进液口对称相嵌,所述保护盖边缘设有密封胶层,所述搅拌装置包括集中搅拌袋、搅拌叶片、螺杆、电动马达及开关,所述转换装置包括进液孔、选孔圆盘及转换胶管,所述选孔圆盘内部设置选调孔道和溶液凹槽,所述选调孔道与溶液凹槽连通。本发明的种医用营养喂食袋可供两个营养喂食袋同时输送营养液进行喂食,并可对输送的营养液进行搅拌后混合,增强营养喂食袋的实用性,减少因为更换营养喂食袋时溅出营养液的问题,增强营养喂食袋的抗菌杀菌的效果。
  • Creation Date: 13 April 2018

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