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Advances in Marine Vertebrate Research in Latin America : Technological Innovation and Conservation / Marcos R. Rossi-Santos, Charles W. Finkl.

Cham : Springer, 2017.

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  • Title:
    Advances in Marine Vertebrate Research in Latin America : Technological Innovation and Conservation / Marcos R. Rossi-Santos, Charles W. Finkl.
  • Contributor: Marcos R. Rossi-Santos editor.;
    Charles W. Finkl editor.
  • Subjects: Life sciences; Science -- Earth Sciences -- Geology; Nature -- Environmental Conservation & Protection; Science -- Life Sciences -- Biology -- Marine Biology; Science -- Life Sciences -- Ecology; Science -- Life Sciences -- Zoology -- Mammals; Deltas, estuaries, coastal regions; Conservation of the environment; Limnology (freshwater); Ecological science, the Biosphere; Zoology: Vertebrates; Endangered ecosystems; Conservation biology; Marine Sciences; Aquatic biology; Vertebrates
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    Access restrictions: NON_PRINT_LEGAL_DEPOSIT
  • Publication Details: Cham : Springer, 2017.
  • Language: English
  • Description: Contents: Part I Historical Development of Aquatic Mammal Research in Latin America.- Chapter 1 Mastozoology History and Perspectives in Latin America: Marine and Freshwater Mammals in Spotlight(Paulo C. Simões-Lopes).- Chapter 2 Long-Term Monitoring of Dolphins in a Large Estuarine System of Southeastern Brazil(Emygdio L. A. Monteiro Filho, Lucimary S. Deconto, Caio N. Louzada, Rebeca P. Wanderley, Daniela F. Godoy and Eric Medeiros).- Chapter 3 An Integrated Framework to Assess the Carrying Capacity of Whale-Watching Tourism in Praia do Forte, Northeastern Brazil(Luena Fernandes and Marcos R. Rossi-Santos).- Part II Technological Innovation for Marine Vertebrate Research in Latin America.- Chapter 4 Land-Based Studies of Aquatic Mammals in Latin America: Understanding Behavior for Conservation(Maria E. Morete, Daniela Abras and Cristiane C. A.
    Contents: Martins).- Chapter 5 Marine Mammal Bioacustics Using Towed Array Systems in the Western South Atlantic Ocean(Artur Andriolo, Franciele Rezende de Castro, Thiago Amorim, Gustavo Miranda, Juliana Di Tulio, Juliana Moron, Bruna Ribeiro, Gabriela Ramos, and Raíssa Rodrigues Mendes).- Chapter 6 Bioacoustic Techniques Applied to Odontocete Conservation and Management in Argentina(Mariana L. Melcón, Vanesa Reyes Reyes, and Miguel Iñíguez).- Chapter 7 Novel Research Techniques Provide New Insights to the Sea Turtle Life Cycle(Maria A.G. dei Marcovaldi, Guy M. Marcovaldi, Alexsandro S. Santos, Paulo H. Lara, and Milagros López-Mendilaharsu).- Chapter 8 Using Opportunistic Platforms to Study Dolphin Occurrence and Distribution in the North Coast of Bahia State, Northeastern Brazil(Mateus Souza de Carvalho, Marcos R. Rossi-Santos, Elitieri Santos-Neto, and Clarêncio G.
    Contents: Baracho).- Chapter 9 Using Chemical Elements to the Study of Trophic and Spatial Ecology in Marine Mammals of the Southwestern Atlantic Ocean(Elisa Seyboth, Silvina Botta, and Eduardo Secchi).- Part III Conservation Ecology of Marine Vertebrate Research in Latin America.- Chapter 10 - Elasmobranchs Consumption in Brazil: Impacts and Consequences(Hugo Bornatowski; Raul R. Braga, and Rodrigo P. Barreto).- Chapter 11 West Indian Manatee (Trichechus manatus) in South America: Distribution, Ecology and Health Assessment(Ana C. O. de Meirelles, Vitor L. Carvalho, and Miriam Marmontel).- Chapter 12 Ecology and Conservation of Cetaceans of Costa Rica and Panama(Laura J. May-Collado, Marisol Amador-Caballero, José Julio Casas, Mónica P. Gamboa-Poveda, Frank Garita-Alpízar, Tim Gerrodette, Rocío González-Barrientos Gabriela Hernández-Mora, Daniel Palacios, José D.
    Contents: Palacios-Alfaro, Betzi Pérez, Kristen Rasmussen, Lissette Trejos, and Javier Rodríguez-Fonseca).- Chapter 13 Anthropogenic Noise and Guiana Dolphins (Sotalia guianensis) in Brazil: Ecological and Conservation Concerns(Fábio de Sousa Pais, Rafaela Prado Cardoso, Leonardo L. Wedekin, Dalila T.L. Martins; Flavio J.L. Silva, Emygdio L.A. Monteiro Filho, and Marcos R. Rossi-Santos).- Chapter 14 The Atlantic Goliath Grouper: Conservation Strategies for a Critically Endangered Species in Brazil(Maurício Hostim-Silva; Áthila A. Bertoncini; Maíra Borgonha; Jonas Rodrigues Leite; Matheus O. Freitas; Felippe Alexandre Daros; Leonardo S. Bueno; Ana Paula C. Farro, and Christopher C. Koenig).- Chapter 15 Spreading Message in a Noisy World: Song Behavior and Acoustic Ecology in Humpback Whales (Megaptera novaeangliae), from the Southwestern Atlantic Ocean(Marcos R.
    Contents: Rossi-Santos).- Chapter 16 Conservation Advances for the Southern Right Whales in Brazil(Karina Groch).- Chapter 17 Behavior and Ecology of Endangered Species Living Together: Long-Term Monitoring of Resident Simpatric Dolphin Populations in South Brazil(Marta J. Cremer; Annelise C. Holz; Camila M. Sartori; Beatriz Schulze; Renan L. Paitach, and Paulo C. A. Simões-Lopes).
  • Identifier: ISBN 9783319569857 (Electronic book (EPUB format)); System number: 019100412; ISBN (print); System number: 019100412
  • Physical Description: 1 online resource (508 pages).
  • Series: Coastal Research Library ; 22
  • Shelfmark(s): General Reference Collection DRT ELD.DS.344908
  • UIN: BLL01019100412

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