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DNA repair protocols : mammalian systems / edited by Daryl S. Henderson.

Totowa, N.J. : Humana Press, c2005.

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  • Title:
    DNA repair protocols : mammalian systems / edited by Daryl S. Henderson.
  • Contributor: Daryl S Henderson
  • Subjects: DNA repair -- Laboratory manuals; DNA Repair -- Laboratory Manuals; DNA Damage -- Laboratory Manuals; Mammals -- genetics -- Laboratory Manuals
  • Rights: Terms governing use: Current copyright fee: GBP19.00
  • Publication Details: Totowa, N.J. : Humana Press, c2005.
  • Language: English
  • Edition: 2nd ed
  • Description: Contents: Contents: Isolation of mutagen-sensitive Chinese hamster cell lines by replica plating / Małgorzata Z. Zdzienicka -- Complementation assays adapted for DNA repair/deficient keratinocytes / Mathilde Fréchet ... [et al.] -- Cytogenetic challenge assays for assessment of DNA repair capacities / William Au and Salama A. Salama -- Evaluating the delayed effects of cellular exposure to ionizing radiation / Shruti Nagar, James J. Corcoran, and William F. Morgan -- Inhibition of DNA synthesis by ionizing radiation: a marker for an S-phase checkpoint / Nicolaas G.J. Jaspers and Małgorzata Z. Zdzienicka -- Analysis of inhibition of DNA replication in irradiated cells using the SV40 based in vitro assay of DNA replication / George Iliakis, Ya Wang, and Hong Yan Wang --
    Contents: Contents: Cytometric assessment of histone H2AX phosphorylation, a reporter of DNA damage / Xuan Huang and Zbigniew Darzynkiewicz -- Detection of DNA strand breaks by flow and laser scanning cytometry in studies of apoptosis and cell proliferation (DNA replication) / Zbigniew Darzynkiewicz, Xuan Huang, and Masaki Okafugi -- In vitro rejoining of double-strand breaks in genomic DNA / George Iliakis and Nge Cheong -- Detection of DNA double-strand breaks and chromosomal translocations using ligation-mediated and inverse PCR / Michael J. Villalobos, Christopher J. Betti, and Andrew T.M. Vaughan -- Plasmid-based assays for DNA end joining in vitro / George Iliakis ... [et al.] -- Use of gene targeting to study recombination in mammalian DNA repair mutants / Rodney Nairn and Gerald Adair --
    Contents: Contents: Gene-specific and mitochondrial repair of oxidative DNA damage / R. Michael Anson, Penelope A. Mason, and Vilhelm A. Bohr -- Quantitative PCR-based measurement of nuclear and mitochondrial DNA damage and repair in mammalian cells / Janine H. Santos ... [et al.] -- Measuring the formation and repair of DNA damage by ligation-mediated PCR / Gerd P. Pfeifer -- Immunochemical detection of UV-induced DNA damage and repair / Marcus S. Cooke and Alistair Robson -- A dot-blot immunoassay for measuring repair of UV photoproducts / Shirley McCready -- Quantification of photoproducts in mammalian cell DNA using radioimmunoassay / David L. Mitchell -- DNA damage quantitation by alkaline gel electrophoresis / Betsy M. Sutherland, Paula V. Bennett, and John C. Sutherland --
    Contents: Contents: The comet assay: a sensitive genotoxicity test for the detection of DNA damage and repair / Günter Speit and Andreas Hartmann -- Fast micromethod DNA single-strand break assay / Heinz C. Schröder ... [et al.] -- 32P-postlabeling DNA-damage assays: PAGE, TLC, and HPLC / Shinya Shibutani, Sung Yeon Kim, and Naomi Suzuki -- Electrophoretic mobility shift assays to study protein binding to damaged DNA / Vaughn Smider, Byung Joon Hwang, and Gilbert Chu -- Construction of MMR plasmid substrates and analysis of MMR error correction and excision / Huixian Wang and John B. Hays -- Analysis of enzymes that act at abasic sites in DNA / Walter A. Deutsch and Vijay Hegde -- Base excision repair in mammalian cells / Yoshihiro Matsumoto -- In vitro base excision repair assay using mammalian cell extracts / Guido Frosina ... [et al.] --
    Contents: Contents: Biochemical assays for the characterization of DNA helicases / Robert M. Brosh Jr. and Sudha Sharma -- Repair synthesis assay for nucleotide excision repair activity using fractionated cell extracts and UV-damaged plasmid DNA / Maureen Biggerstaff and Richard D. Wood -- Assaying for the dual incisions of nucleotide excision repair using DNA with a lesion at a specific site / Mahmud K.K. Shivji ... [et al.] -- Analysis of proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) associated with DNA excision repair sites in mammalian cells / A. Ivana Scovassi and Ennio Prosperi -- Analysis of DNA repair and chromatin assembly in vitro using immobilized damaged DNA substrates / Jill A. Mello, Jonathan G. Moggs, and Geneviève Almouzni
  • Identifier: ISBN 1588295133 (alk. paper); System number: 013319145
  • Notes: Bibliography note: Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Physical Description: xvii, 498 p ; 23 cm.
  • Series: Methods in molecular biology ; 314
  • Shelfmark(s): Document Supply 5748.201800 314
  • UIN: BLL01013319145

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